Mobile Robot Algorithms Lab

The ultimate goal of this laboratory is to develop intelligent, fully autonomous mobile robots and adaptive STEM education programs in robotics.

The laboratory works on solving the problem of spatial markup (including solving the subtasks of orientation, navigation, and mapping), primarily for mobile robotic platforms, while also modeling their behavior. The laboratory's research agenda includes:

  • Processing computer vision data (RGB and RGBD cameras, lidars, radars).
  • SLAM algorithms.
  • Extension and application of the ROS platform.
  • Modeling and validation of algorithms for mobile robotic platforms in the Duckietown environment.
  • Building machine learning models for spatial markup problems.
  • Building an approach for coordinated resource management in operating systems.
  • Development of new educational approaches in the field of STEM and industrial robotics.

The laboratory also has extensive experience in developing automatic verification systems and virtual laboratories for technologies in autonomous transport, spatial marking tasks, and other areas.

Group Members

Kirill Krinkin
Head of Research Lab
Tatiana Berlenko
Konstantin Chaika