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The Modern Multiplatform Newsletter #1

The iOS Droidcon App with Compose Multiplatform. One of the most widely discussed topics among mobile developers is UI declarative frameworks and their cross-platform future. So, it’s no surprise that the introduction of the iOS Droidcon App by Touchlab, which was written using Native Compose UI, caused a stir in the iOS and Android development communities.

The Modern Multiplatform Newsletter #2

Kotlin Multiplatform development. It’s a great time to start learning Kotlin Multiplatform. To help you start digging into this technology, we’ve compiled a collection of useful videos, sample projects, and tools.

The Modern Multiplatform Newsletter #3

Is it possible to create an entire mobile app using ChatGPT? ChatGPT and various AI-based technologies have been hot topics lately. Some people are saying that ChatGPT helps boost their productivity, enhance their work, and accomplish certain tasks faster. The author of this article conducted an experiment using ChatGPT to create an entire mobile app for meditation.

The Modern Multiplatform Newsletter #4

Compose Multiplatform for iOS (Alpha). JetBrains released the alpha version of Compose Multiplatform for iOS, enabling developers to build cross-platform user interfaces with Kotlin. Compose Multiplatform allows you to create a UI once in Kotlin and re-use it on Android, iOS, and other platforms.

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