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Bulletproof Source Code Management with Space

Fast and scalable Git hosting with flexible permissions, CI integrations, quality gates, a web-based UI, and multiple IDE integrations.

Host or Mirror Git repositories

Take advantage of our web-based interface and IDE integration for a seamless development experience.

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Host private Git repositories in Space for secure source code management.


Create bidirectional mirrors of existing repositories from GitHub or another Git service.


Import a repository from another Git hosting service.

Space Git subtree

Utilize Space Git subtree

Embed and automatically maintain the contents of multiple Git repositories within a single Space repository. Manage dependencies, incorporate external codebases, and enjoy instant server-side synchronization of code and relevant commits across Git repositories.

Keep your main branch green

Have full control over your source code with the integrated security features in Space.

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Set push restrictions

Protect repositories from unauthenticated commits, enforce and verify GPG commit signatures, set commit message conventions with regex, and more.

Protect branches

Restrict who can push or merge changes into the branch and prevent accidental branch deletion without imposing excessive restrictions on the entire repository.

Employ quality gates

Employ a set of pre-merge conditions (manual code review approvals, automation jobs, and external CI/CD service checks) to ensure that only successfully tested, reviewed, and approved changes find their way into the branch.

Learn more about quality gates.

Test with Safe Merge and CI integration

Take your branch protection to the next level by executing a virtual merge between the most recent main and feature branch revisions and running it through predefined post-merge automation jobs and/or TeamCity checks, eliminating any semantic conflicts that often accompany environments with high commit volumes.

Unravel your code

Regardless of repository structure complexity or how many lines have changed, the code will always remain clear and traceable in Space.

Browse the code

Browse the entire directory tree and open any file to view the content, access its history and annotation views, download it, or edit it directly from the UI.

Trace commit history

Every code revision is visualized in a graph in chronological order to help you track each commit, branch, and merge from initiation to the results of automated build tests.

Compare revisions

Our inline diff view saves time and space when reviewing lines of code affected by a commit without losing the context of where the change took place in a file.

Learn more about Space code reviews.

One with IntelliJ IDEA WebStorm PhpStorm Rider PyCharm RubyMine CLion GoLand

Link your IDE with a Space organization to browse projects, clone repositories, review code changes, leave comments, create code reviews and merge requests, and more.

Clone Space repositories

View your projects and clone repositories hosted in your Space organization without having to leave your IDE.

Review the code

Browse and view all code reviews for the current project, leave comments, examine and accept changes, and create code reviews and merge requests.

Learn more about Space code reviews integration with IDEs.

Build automation

Create and edit automation job scripts with code completion and syntax highlighting, and preview automation job statuses.

Everything in Space revolves around repositories


Share a code snippet

Highlight a portion of code and send it directly to a chat or channel.

Preview links

Links are conveniently unfurled for a quick at-a-glance preview.

Subscribe to code updates

Create personal subscriptions to get notified when a new commit is pushed in a particular project, repository, or file.


Create issues from code

Highlight a portion of code and create an issue to track its progress until fully resolved.

Link to a commit or code review

Issues are automatically updated when a linked code review or merge request has changed.

Learn more about linking issues to commits, code reviews, and merge requests.

Merge requests

Always know the state of your code review/merge request with Quality Gates that incorporate code owners, custom CI checks, and code review approvals.

Learn more about Quality Gates.

Automation checks

Monitor the health of your commit and get notified of any failed automation checks.


Trace every commit to the build it was deployed to.