Code Reviews
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with Space, a Git hosting platform

Integrate code reviews seamlessly into your development pipeline, and review code from JetBrains IDEs, the Space UI, or even on mobile.

Make the switch to seamless code reviews effortless

Host or mirror your code easily

Create bi-directional mirrors of your repository from GitHub or another Git service with a few clicks. Alternatively, you can import and host your repo directly in Space.

Review code from JetBrains IDEs

Manage code reviews and merge requests right from your favorite IDE using powerful navigation. Space code reviews are natively integrated with JetBrains IntelliJ-based IDEs.

Manage code reviews from mobile

Space Android and iOS apps allow you to discuss code on the go in integrated chats. Merge, assign reviewers, and manage code reviews no matter where you are.

Keep your main branch green

Enforce code standards with quality gates

  • Get approval from team members.
  • Request code owner approval for critical code areas.
  • Set up checks by Space Automation, TeamCity, or other external CI services.

Merge safely

Safe Merge acts like a time machine. It shows what your main branch would look like, as if the changes had already been merged.

Make your builds stable

Use Space CI/CD or integration with TeamCity to configure quality gates. Space will make sure the checks are completed before merging the changes.

Keep issues up to date

The status of related issues will be automatically changed to "fixed" or your preferred status.

Make the process of reviewing code crystal clear

Automatically assign the right reviewers

Assign suggested reviewers based on code ownership or file activity. Automatically link an issue to make the review transparent and keep track of all the steps in one place.

React only when needed

With turn-based code reviews, it’s easy to understand whose turn it is to take action for both the author and the reviewer.

Send your comments in batches

Space allows you to collect your comments as drafts and send them in batches so as not to overload your colleagues with unnecessary notifications.

Accept suggestions in a single click

Suggest direct changes to the code when reviewing a merge request. Your teammates can then accept them in a single click.

Here's what our customers say

Our code reviews improved significantly, and we’ve been able to leverage Space’s webhooks with TeamCity to build each reviewed branch and deploy it to our QA so the branch can be tested before being merged.

Tadeas Kriz, CTO and CoFounder, Brightify

We can make changes, perform code reviews, and deploy the changes via the CI/CD pipeline. Having all of this in a single place (Space) enhances development velocity and improves productivity.

Ganesh Samarthyam, Co-founder, CodeOps Technologies LLP

Review code with Space

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For software teams aiming for a fast start with minimal overhead


Enjoy private Git hosting and code reviews, integrated with JetBrains IDEs, TeamCity, and YouTrack.


unlimited members


Put an extra level of protection on your branches with security rules.

from $8.00

per member/month, annually


Protect your main branch with quality gates and use multi-project repos.

from $20.00

per member/month, annually


For professional teams striving for full control over their data



up to 10 members


from $25.00

per member/month, annually

For more details on features available, refer to the Pricing page.

Space is a development platform

Cover your entire software development process from Git hosting to deployments in one place, integrated with JetBrains IDEs.