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Bachelor of Science

Constructor University

Bremen, Germany

One degree away from your dream career

This bachelor's program offered by JetBrains and Constructor University combines the latest in software development, data analysis, and machine learning. Enroll today to take the next step toward your tech career.

Facts and figures


Constructor University, Bremen, Germany


3 years, full-time


English, with two mandatory German courses


€20,000 per academic year (two semesters) + €8,500 for on-campus room and board (including a single or shared room, a shared bathroom, and a full meal plan)


JetBrains scholarships: top students will be awarded full grants from JetBrains. The recipients will be selected through a competitive application process. Learn more

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Rolling applications with an enrollment deadline: June 1, 2024 (if you require a visa), July 15, 2024 (no visa).

JetBrains scholarships

First wave: Application deadline March 1, 2024 (23:59 CET); decision by April 1, 2024.

Second wave: Application deadline May 1, 2024 (23:59 CET); decision by May 31, 2024.

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Prof. Dr. Alexander Omelchenko
Dean and Professor of Applied Mathematics, Data Science, and Computing at the School of Science, Constructor University

“We're looking for talented, motivated, and hardworking individuals to join our program. It's crucial to understand that your learning environment and the people you study with are equally as important as what you are taught. We aim to build a place where talented people can grow and everyone helps each other to be their best.”

Meet your educators

Anastasia Birillo

Development in JVM LanguagesProjects and thesis supervisor

Anastasia is a Researcher at Machine Learning Methods in the Software Engineering Lab at JetBrains Research. She is an experienced Kotlin developer and is highly involved in the Kotlin community. She is the main contributor of the Reflekt project, a plugin for the Kotlin compiler that enables compile-time reflection. Additionally, Anastasia has authored the Kotlin Onboarding course from JetBrains and has worked on several projects related to static code analysis and code quality in education for the Hyperskill platform. As a Kotlin expert, she also teaches both basic and advanced Kotlin at Constructor University in Germany and at Neapolis University in Cyprus.

Suhail Yousaf

Programming in Python & C++

Suhail holds a PhD in Distributed Systems and an MSc in Parallel and Distributed Computer Systems from VU University Amsterdam. He is a full-time lecturer at Constructor University. With a diverse experience of 15+ years in research and development, university-level teaching, industry, entrepreneurship, and project management, he established skills in the development of scalable and dependable complex system software, internet of things, high-performance computing, and more recently (last five years) in Machine(Deep) Learning and data science.

Ivan Ovsyannikov

Matrix Algebra and Advanced CalculusAnalysisJury member of Bremen Mathematical Olympiads

Ivan holds BSc and MSc degrees in Radiophysics, PhD in Dynamical Systems and Differential Equations. Before joining Constructor University in 2023, he worked at Imperial College London, University of Bremen and University of Hamburg, as well as 7 years in the IT industry. Ivan teaches mathematical and programming courses for 20 years. His research interests include chaos theory, catastrophes theory and their applications to problems in industry.

Kirill Krinkin

Adjunct professorProjects and thesis supervisor

Kirill holds a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science. Kirill is doing research in robotics autonomy and is an accomplished author or co-author of over 100 technical papers. For more than 20 years, Kirill is a seasoned organizer of STEM schools worldwide, has collaborated with top-tier universities and international companies in software engineering, operating systems, computer networks, autonomous mobile robots, and co-evolutionary hybrid intelligence.

Dmitry Kropotov

Machine & Deep Learning

Dmitry has over 20 years of teaching experience and teaching programs coordination in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence related topics in top universities. He is also an experienced researcher and has participated in many projects with leading research institutes and IT companies like Huawei, Samsung, Yandex and Tinkoff.

Konstantin Chaika

Computer ArchitectureProjects and thesis supervisor

Konstantin is an educational content manager at JetBrains Academy. He has over 4 years of experience in research in the mobile robotics domain and more than 6 years of teaching at universities, including C programming and computer architecture.

Niyaz Nigmatullin

ICPC trainings

Niyaz Nigmatullin is a software engineer at JetBrains' Applied Program Analysis Laboratory, with a focus on compression algorithms and data storage. He's a champion in competitive programming, having won the ICPC World Championship in 2012 and 2013. Niyaz also teaches algorithms and data structures and organizes programming competitions.

Anton Podkopaev

Semantics of Programming LanguagesProjects and thesis supervisor

Anton holds a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science. He has been doing research in programming languages at JetBrains Research for over 10 years. His scientific interests include programming language semantics, concurrency (esp., weak memory models), proof mechanization, and functional programming.

Ekaterina Verbitskaya

Functional ProgrammingFormal Languages and ParsersProjects and thesis supervisor

Ekaterina is a Researcher at Programming Languages and Tools Lab at JetBrains Research. She is working on a Ph.D. in program transformations. She is interested in logic, relational and functional programming, partial evaluation, supercompilation, and parsing.

Your dream career as a full-stack developer data mining specialist artificial intelligence engineer network security analyst

Your course of study

First year

During your first year, you'll delve into foundational courses in mathematics and programming, including the Kotlin programming language. During this year, you will also have the opportunity to explore various disciplines dedicated to your intended major. It's worth noting that you can still adjust your major choice at the beginning of your second year.

Second year

In your second year, you'll deepen your knowledge and expertise through discipline-specific CORE modules. These modules will expand your understanding of the key theories, principles, and methods specific to your major.

Third year

Finally, in the third year, you will complete major-specific and major-related advanced specialization modules to consolidate your knowledge in areas of your choice. The fifth semester also offers opportunities for studying abroad, while the sixth semester is dedicated to fostering research experience by giving you opportunities to participate in an extended bachelor’s thesis project.

Events and news

JetBrains Academy, May 1, 2024

Coding Summer Camp in Romania for High Schoolers

Created by Constructor University and supported by the JetBrains Foundation, this camp is tailored for high schoolers aged 16–20 with a proven track record in coding competitions and olympiads who aim to excel internationally. Mark July 30 – August 9, 2024, in your calendars and join the Algorithm and Code Training School (ACTS) in Romania.

JetBrains Academy, Apr 19, 2024

Big Open Hour Alert!

We're excited to invite you to a special Open Hour with the SDT team and students! This is your golden opportunity to dive deep into student life and learn firsthand how students applied to the SDT, adapted to a new culture, and addressed challenges. Bring your questions about student life—we’re here to answer them!

Join our Telegram and WhatsApp chats to get the link.

JetBrains Academy, March 11, 2024

Dive Into the World of Coding With the Algorithm and Code Training School 2024!

Calling all high school students with a knack for coding and a thirst for challenge! Mark April 20–23, 2024, in your calendars and join the Algorithm and Code Training School (ACTS) – an online camp designed by JetBrains Academy and Constructor University to hone your skills for national and international contests.

Register now

JetBrains Academy, Mar 25, 2024

Livestream: Hidden Secrets of Kotlin Programming Language

This webinar, presented by Constructor University and JetBrains, focuses on Kotlin – a modern, secure, and highly efficient programming language known for unique features like null-safety and coroutines. Explore real-world examples demonstrating the effective use of Kotlin and gain insights into our Kotlin course at Constructor University. Learn how to equip yourself with industry-relevant skills and knowledge to build efficient and scalable applications.

Watch the recording

JetBrains Academy, Jan 17, 2024

Open Hours: Your Opportunity to Ask Questions Online

Don't miss this chance to get your queries answered directly by our expert coordinators. Mark your calendars for the 5th and 19th of each month at 4 pm CET, and join us on Zoom. Click here to register for our Open Hours sessions and get the insights you need to build a better future.

Join us on ZOOM

JetBrains Academy, Jan 17, 2024

Compete in the Constructor Open Cup 2024

The Constructor Open Cup is an online contest hosted jointly by Constructor University and JetBrains. In this four-hour competition, participants solve real-life programming challenges catering to all skill levels and ages.
The top prize? A fully funded scholarship for the Software, Data and Technology program at Constructor University!


JetBrains Academy, Jan 10, 2024

Livestream: How To Prepare for a Programming Contest?

Join us on January 16, 2024, for a livestream about preparing for a programming contest. Software Engineer at the JetBrains Applied Program Analysis Lab, two-time ICPC world champion (2012 and 2013), and coach for ICPC at Constructor University Bremen and Neapolis University Pafos, Niyaz Nigmatullin will share his expertise on preparing for and competing in programming contests, offering valuable strategies and tips.

Watch the recording

JetBrains Academy, Nov 28, 2023

Livestream: Building your future in IT - Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Real Life

This webinar, presented by Constructor University and JetBrains, offers a view of AI's role in transforming technology. Learn more about the applications of Artificial Intelligence in real life and discover the skills that will be in demand in the future.

Watch the recording

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5 steps to a JetBrains scholarship

Applications for scholarships for 2024/2025 have closed. You can apply for regular admission until June 1, 2024 (if you require a visa) and July 15, 2024 (if you don't need a visa).

Complete your application

Complete your application on Constructor University's website. All applicants are considered for the JetBrains scholarship. Be sure to submit your application to the program by March 1 to be considered in the first wave, or by May 1 to be considered in the second. A message with further instructions will be sent to the email address you used while registering. Once Constructor University has confirmed that your application is complete, you will receive your regular admission decision within 2–4 weeks. In the meantime, you will be asked to complete the SDT JetBrains Scholarship Test as part of your application for the scholarship.

Take the SDT JetBrains Scholarship Test

You will receive an email with an exclusive link to your test. The test is available until March 7 for the first wave and May 9 for the second. Once you begin, you will have 4 hours to complete it. Though the scholarship test will differ from the one used in 2023, you may still benefit from reviewing the 2023 version. Depending on the results, you may be asked to participate in an interview. You can take the SDT JetBrains Scholarship Test while waiting for the regular admission decision. Please note that participating in the scholarship test and the interview does not guarantee admission to the program.

You can find list of topics, used for the preparation of assignments for the test and interview here. The test will be held on the Cogniterra platform. This training course explains rules, shows how the testing system works, and teaches how to submit answers correctly.

Participate in an interview

The applicants with the best scholarship test scores will be invited to participate in an interview. The interview is a conversation with the organizers and teachers of the program. During the roughly 40-minute conversation, we will discuss your motivation and previous experience, and we’ll ask you to complete a few short tasks in the field of mathematics and programming. There is no need to be afraid: the questions and tasks will be offered based on your reported experience.

Receive a decision about the scholarship

You should receive a decision within about three weeks of the interview. For those who apply by March 1, the decision will be made by April 1. For those who apply in the second wave, the decision will be made by May 31. Please note that even if you do not pass the test and/or interview, you can still join the SDT program and have access to university's regular financing options.


Provide all the necessary documents to Constructor University and prepare for the most exciting chapter of your life!

The JetBrains scholarship covers

JetBrains provides a cost-of-living stipend that covers pretty much everything so you can focus on what matters – your studies.




Room and board

Medical Insurance

Semester ticket, mandatory semester fee

Pocket money

Calculated at a minimum of 300 euros per month for the first 9 academic months. The amount might be more depending on the cost of living in specific cases.

Time and effort

Andrey Ivanov
SVP of Investments, Research, and Education at JetBrains

“We strongly believe in helping talented people grow. It's about more than just our success – it's about making a true impact in the tech world and beyond. Great things happen when smart people like students, professors, and mentors come together. Our goal is to nurture this collaboration to shape the future, not just our profits.”

Life on campus

Meet your programs’ team

Have any questions about Constructor University or the admissions process?

Study Program Organizer
Program Support and Development, Constructor University

Anna Petrova

Student Recruitment Officer
Talent Recruitment & Scholarships, Constructor University

Dameli Assalauova

Head of Student Talent Recruitment, Constructor Knowledge and Constructor University

Olga Kornienko

JetBrains scholarship’ team

For any questions related to JetBrains scholarships, contact our team

Head of Educational Program, JetBrains

Pavel Egorov

JetBrains Academy

Ekaterina Artamonova

JetBrains Academy

Kristina Smolnikova

JetBrains Academy

Maria Zyryanova

JetBrains Academy Marketing

Alena Gupaisova