Qodana is a code quality monitoring platform that allows you to evaluate the integrity of code you own, contract, or purchase. Enrich your CI/CD pipelines with all the smart features you love from JetBrains IDEs, plus project-level checks

Qodana is currently in Early Access, which means it may not be reliable, may not work as intended, and may contain errors. Any use of the EAP product is at your own risk.

Please try out Qodana and share your feedback with us in our issue tracker or at qodana-support@jetbrains.com

Qodana IntelliJ

The Qodana IntelliJ linter lets you perform a static analysis of your codebase and brings many of the smart features you’re familiar with from using the IntelliJ platform IDEs. It can:

  • Improve your overall code structure
  • Help you follow coding best practices
  • Detect anomalous code and bugs
  • Eliminate dead code
  • Highlight spelling issues

Qodana in your CI

Use Qodana in any continuous integration system!

If your CI system’s user interface can be extended, the Qodana UI will integrate into it seamlessly. If not, you can expose the Qodana UI via a web server. For deeper integration, we will be providing dedicated plugins for various platforms.

Docker Images

Qodana can be launched in CI or locally as it is packed inside a Docker image.

TeamCity Plugin

The Qodana plugin for TeamCity lets you add static analysis to your build chain.

GitHub App and Actions

With the Qodana App and actions available on GitHub, static analysis can become an integral part of your repository.

Code Inspection and Beyond

We’ve also got two more linters for Qodana – Clone Finder for finding duplicates across large codebases, and License Audit for simplifying your open-source license compliance process

Recent News

Viktor Tiulpin, July 19, 2021

License Audit with Qodana

Qodana specializes in build quality management, delivering the static analysis smarts of IntelliJ Platform to project-level checks. In May, we extended the platform with a second linter,  Clone Finder, which detects code duplicates. Today, we are happy to announce the EAP for License Audit to detect incompatible third-party licenses on which your code relies, making the compliance verification process easier for your project and company.

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