QA Tools

QA Tools is a group of useful plugins that allow you to perform QA tasks from within JetBrains IDEs

Selenium UI Testing

Provides advanced support for UI automation with Selenium libraries in JVM languages and Python.

Test Management

A powerful tool for TMS integration that supports Java, Kotlin, and Python, and provides many smart features for QA specialists.

Test Data

Can generate multiple types of test data, and gives you the option to specify custom formats or arrays.

Selenium UI Testing

Writing UI tests has never been so convenient

Web element search

Find web elements automatically by data attributes, CSS, or XPath.

Selenium libraries

Scaffold projects with popular Selenium libraries, and run Selenoid actions in browsers.json.

Page Object Generator

Generate Page Objects for Java, Kotlin, Groovy, Python, or a custom template.

TMS Support

Line markers and navigation to issue trackers and TMS cases for Allure Framework and Serenity BDD.

Page Object generation

Open your website and generate Page Objects with various selectors – all simply by clicking on the page element and choosing which selector to use.

Custom templates

Customize the predefined Page Object templates or create your own to fit your needs. It’s easy as that!

Test Management

Enjoy all the advantages of Git and the test case as a text approach

Test cases and test runs

Create, manage, and browse test cases and test runs, and benefit from Search Everywhere.

TMS links

Add links to TMS items in the code, with an in-place preview pop-up. TestRail v6.7 and higher are supported.

Automated test support

Generate tests from TMS test cases. Use custom annotations and decorators to reference automated tests with test cases.

Test cases or checklists

Create test cases and checklists directly in your IDE using Markdown.

Test runs

Create test runs and select all the test cases that you want to execute and mark the progress status for.

TMS links to automated tests

Manual tests can be automated by linking automatic tests using an existing or custom annotation.

Test Data

Generate all sorts of test data with the click of a button

Default formats

Names, addresses, sentences, dates, mails, UUIDs, URLs, IP Addresses.

Custom data

Create your own formats using flexible settings.

Multiple items

Generate groups of data for quick case testing.

Supported random data

Use the Generate (Ctrl+N/Cmd+N) menu in any text file to insert random test data of the selected type.

Set up custom data

Use the predefined data formats or set up your own sample data structure and generate multiple items at once.

Feedback and suggestions

If you have any feedback, suggestion, or new feature idea, don't hesitate to let us know. We’d love to hear from you!

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Yuriy Artamonov

Introducing Selenium Support in IntelliJ IDEA

We are excited to host our very own, Yuriy Artamonov, Software Engineer on the IntelliJ IDEA development team, for a live stream on Modern UI Test Automation with Selenium Libraries.