Five Years of JetBrains Marketplace

A Shared History of Achievements


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JetBrains Marketplace is a home for plugins for the full range of IntelliJ-based IDEs, plugins for .NET, and team tools: TeamCity, Space, and YouTrack.




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Explore the most significant milestones of JetBrains Marketplace:


JetBrains Plugin Repository

As JetBrains products are inherently extensible, we’ve been using a dedicated Plugin Repository for IntelliJ-based IDEs and TeamCity plugins, along with a separate ReSharper Gallery for .NET plugins. By the end of 2017, approximately 3,000 plugins were already accessible.

JetBrains Platform Blog and Twitter account

The JetBrains Platform blog and Twitter (𝕏) account are introduced to provide new communication channels for plugin developers. These platforms serve as spaces to share news about the extensibility of JetBrains products and related topics.


Paid Marketplace for third-party vendors EAP

We introduce the capability to sell plugins for IntelliJ-based IDEs on JetBrains Marketplace, leveraging the licensing and billing solutions provided by JetBrains.

JetBrains Marketplace is officially announced πŸ₯³

In September 2018, we announce the transition of Plugin Repository into JetBrains Marketplace, which marks the shift to the extension ecosystem for all JetBrains products and a more expansive environment for plugin developers.

YouTrack widgets on JetBrains Marketplace

YouTrack widgets are available on JetBrains Marketplace. Users can now create custom widgets for YouTrack and share them with the community.

Integration of Plugin Verifier

A plugin compatibility verification tool – Plugin Verifier – is introduced to identify any compatibility issues between plugins and the IntelliJ Platform.


Themes for the IntelliJ Platform

Starting with the 2019.1 release cycle of IntelliJ-based IDEs, JetBrains introduces the option for third-party authors to create custom UI Themes. JetBrains launches the Themes Contest.

ReSharper plugins are a part of JetBrains Marketplace

ReSharper Gallery migrates to JetBrains Marketplace.

Paid Marketplace EAP ends

The paid Marketplace is fully functional, with 10 paid plugins available.

JetBrains Platform Slack

The JetBrains Platform Slack instance is created to serve as a dedicated space for plugin developers to communicate with their peers and JetBrains employees.


IntelliJ Platform Explorer

IntelliJ Platform Explorer is designed to aid plugin developers in navigating and exploring extension points within the IntelliJ Platform.

TeamCity updates plugin development

The TeamCity 2020.2 release introduces an enhanced approach for developing and integrating UI plugins. Now, UI plugins can be written in a more frontend-centric way.

Custom content pages

Plugin listings can now be enhanced with custom tabs, allowing plugin authors to present additional information about their plugins, such as documentation, features, updates, and more.

Freemium plugin distribution model

Plugins now have the capability to integrate both free and premium features within a single plugin.

Special offers and coupons

Paid plugin vendors now have the ability to create discount coupons.


JetBrains Marketplace for educational courses

JetBrains Marketplace is expanded to include courses, allowing educators to share their expertise by uploading courses through the JetBrains Academy plugin and showcasing them on the Marketplace.

Community offers

This feature enables developers of paid plugins to offer discounts and promotions to different user groups.

Plugin Ideas

Plugin Ideas is a new website section for users to propose their concepts for plugins and vote on ideas from others.

Web analytics

We are adding basic web analytics for plugin listings, including page visits, traffic by country, and referral sources.


Space apps on JetBrains Marketplace

Space applications are now available on JetBrains Marketplace. Additionally, users have the ability to develop and publish their own apps. To mark this launch, a Space application development contest is organized.

Follow-up emails for paid plugin users

Now, users of paid plugins receive automated emails that guide them to plugin resources for getting started and encourage them to provide feedback after making a purchase.

Donation links

Plugin vendors can now include donation links in their plugin listings.

Deeper IDE integration

The plugin information within the IDE Plugin Manager is enhanced with plugin screenshots and new tabs. There is even a tab dedicated to plugin reviews.

2023 – We are here!

ReSharper API Verifier

Similar to the IntelliJ Plugin Verifier, the ReSharper API Verifier is a tool designed to automatically detect changes in the APIs referenced by its plugins. Plugin authors can view the results of compatibility checks on the plugin page of JetBrains Marketplace.

Releasing a Hidden plugin

With the Hidden plugin feature, you can keep your plugin private until its official release announcement.

Reporting a plugin

Users of JetBrains Marketplace plugins can now report any plugins they believe violate our policies.

New plugin upload process

The updated process of uploading plugins to JetBrains Marketplace now requires plugin authors to decide whether to upload each plugin as an individual vendor or on behalf of an organization.

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