JetBrains JavaScript Day 2023 is now over

See you next year!


You can find the recordings from JetBrains JavaScript Day 2023 below.

State of Angular – v17, by Simona Cotin

An AI-Enabled Framework? Using LLMs to Put People First, by Daniel Roe

Lies We Tell Ourselves Using TypeScript, by Stefan Baumgartner

TC39 - From the Proposal to ECMAScript - Step by Step, by Romulo Cintra

React: The Most Common Mistakes in 2023, by Cory House

JavaScript Should Come With Batteries, by Luca Casonato

It's Not Just Node.js Anymore, by James M Snell

View Transitions: Fact vs. Fiction, by Fred K. Schott

JetBrains JavaScript Day 2023 | Full Stream

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