Introducing Grazie

AI Writing Assistant for Technical Support Specialists

Effectively tackle complex queries, reduce response times, and build lasting relationships with your customers.

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Resolve customer concerns on the spot

Grazie helps you comprehend complex customer queries, identify root causes, and provide clear, helpful solutions faster.

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Never worry about writing errors again

Grazie automatically reviews your grammar, spelling, and punctuation, enabling you to fix mistakes and typos effortlessly while maintaining professional communication.

Adopt a friendly, empathetic tone

Grazie helps you understand the emotions behind customer messages and adjust your responses to show empathy and understanding.

Stay consistent with your brand's voice

Grazie ensures that your writing style is in line with your brand's voice, providing a uniform experience for customers across all communication channels.

Support multiple languages effortlessly

Grazie is designed for global teams, natively supporting English, German, Russian, and Ukrainian. More languages are coming soon!

Seamlessly integrate with your workflow

Grazie seamlessly integrates with customer support platforms, streamlining the process of writing and helping you craft accurate and consistent responses to technology inquiries.

Write faster while maintaining your unique style

Grazie utilizes state-of-the-art natural language processing and machine learning techniques to understand context, provide personalized suggestions, and autocomplete your writing while maintaining your style.

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Grazie Browser Extension

Communicate with empathy and accuracy using real-time proofreading, autocompletion, and rephrasing features that work directly in your browser.

Grazie Docs

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Keep notes and craft thoughtful and effective templates with the help of the proofreading and content generation capabilities of Grazie Docs, our advanced online editor.