Introducing Grazie

AI Writing Assistant for Tech Analysts and Consultants

Streamline your research and create polished, error-free reports that will wow your clients.

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Retrieve relevant information in seconds

Grazie AI can extract key concepts and ideas from complex texts and help you present them clearly and concisely to stakeholders of all levels.

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Spot errors before they become problems

Grazie automatically checks your grammar, spelling, and punctuation, and lets you correct mistakes and typos with a single click.

Defeat the blank page and never miss a deadline

Grazie helps you overcome writer's block by providing content ideas and guidance on how to approach complex research topics.

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Communicate effectively with the right tone and style

Grazie identifies industry-specific jargon and technical terms, helping you speak the same language as your clients and stakeholders.

Perfect your presentation delivery

Grazie takes care of your documents' formatting, ensuring they are visually appealing and aligned with your brand and style.

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Leave proofreading stress behind and focus on your expertise

Grazie seamlessly integrates with your existing workflow, ensuring quality and consistency in your work by automatically detecting spelling, grammar, punctuation, and style errors.

Write at lightning speed while maintaining your unique style

Grazie employs cutting-edge machine learning techniques to comprehend your style, provide personalized suggestions, and autocomplete your writing without compromising your unique voice.

Designed to work everywhere you write:

Google Docs

Google Slides




And many more

Our products

Grazie Docs

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A comprehensive online editor featuring grammar correction, content generation, summarization, and other tools designed for high-tech industry professionals.

Grazie Browser Extension

An AI-powered proofreader and writing assistant that is trained specifically on complex tech topics, seamlessly working within your browser.