Introducing Grazie

Writing Assistant for Software Developers

Supercharge your code reviews, commits, and team communication with advanced proofreading and content generation functions.

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Check natural language in your code

Grazie integrates with your IDE and automatically proofreads and autocompletes your writing, taking into account the syntax, semantics, and context. It works in string literals, code comments, commit messages, Javadocs, AsciiDoc, Markdown, LaTeX, and other places.

Communicate effectively in your browser

Grazie provides you with summaries of bug reports, feature requests, and test plans, making collaboration with your team a breeze.

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Eliminate errors and write with confidence

Grazie automatically checks your grammar, spelling, and punctuation, allowing you to correct mistakes and typos with a single click.

Ensure perfect tone and style for every word

Grazie lets you define project-specific style guides and helps you rewrite complex ideas to communicate them more effectively to non-technical audiences.

Autocomplete and generate content in a flash

Grazie's content generation features help you write project proposals, release notes, or simple bug descriptions at lightning speed.

Support multiple languages effortlessly

Grazie is designed for global teams, natively supporting English, German, Russian, and Ukrainian. More languages are coming soon!

Forget the stress of proofreading and focus on the writing itself

Grazie seamlessly integrates with IDEs, bug trackers, and code review platforms, helping you to write with fluency and accuracy, ensuring a polished, professional result every time.

Experience the power of AI-enhanced autocompletion

Grazie's language models are trained specifically on high-tech industry texts, allowing our tools to understand your context and help you write quickly without sacrificing your unique style.

Designed to work everywhere you write:

JetBrains IDEs





And more

Our products

Grazie Plugin for JetBrains IDEs

Supercharge your code reviews, commits, and bug fixes with precise grammar checks, context-aware spelling corrections, and handy phrase completion.

Grazie Browser Extension

Communicate with empathy and accuracy using real-time proofreading, autocompletion, and rephrasing features that work directly in your browser.

Grazie Docs

coming soon

Keep notes and craft thoughtful and effective templates with the help of the proofreading and content generation capabilities of Grazie Docs, our advanced online editor.