Introducing Grazie

AI Writing Assistant for Project and Product Managers

Always be confident in your project's success by eliminating misunderstandings, enhancing collaboration, and boosting your team's efficiency.

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Effortlessly create and maintain project-related documents

Grazie helps you effortlessly create, update, and manage essential documents like technical specifications, project proposals, and release notes, providing clarity and alignment for your team.

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Eliminate errors and write with confidence

Grazie automatically checks and corrects errors in your emails, documents, and presentations, ensuring they are free of typos and ambiguity.

Communicate complex ideas with clarity

Grazie assists you in adapting your tone and language to effectively convey complex technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders and team members.

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Maintain a polished and professional writing style

Grazie allows you to define project-specific style guides, giving you control over the appearance of your team's documents and enabling clear communication with other teams.

Collaborate across languages and borders

Grazie is designed for global teams, natively supporting English, German, Russian, and Ukrainian, bridging cultural barriers and boosting collaboration.

Forget the stress of proofreading and focus on delivering a great product

Grazie seamlessly integrates with project management tools, knowledge bases, and communication platforms, helping you ensure the quality and consistency of your work.

Supercharge your writing speed and efficiency with AI-powered autocompletion

Grazie's language models are trained specifically on high-tech industry texts, enabling our tools to understand your context and help you communicate effectively while maintaining your unique style.

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Our products

Grazie Browser Extension

Ensure professional and polished writing across all platforms with real-time proofreading, autocompletion, and rephrasing features integrated directly into your browser.

Grazie Docs

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Streamline your project documentation and communication with our advanced online editor featuring grammar correction, content generation, and other writing assistance tools.