Introducing Grazie

AI Writing Assistant for High-Tech Business Development Managers and Sales

Boost your communications and create winning proposals, emails, and contracts that drive growth.

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Craft compelling proposals in minutes

Grazie generates persuasive proposals tailored to your client's needs and expectations, helping you stand out from the competition and secure more deals.

With language models trained specifically on high-tech texts, it ensures that your communication is always accurate, effective, and relevant.

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Keep your writing polished and professional

Grazie automatically checks your grammar, spelling, and punctuation, ensuring that your writing meets the high standards expected by industry leaders.

Adapt your language to resonate with diverse clients

Grazie helps you adjust your tone and writing style to effectively engage clients and partners across various industries and cultural backgrounds.

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Nurture relationships with personalized communication

Grazie helps you draft tailored follow-ups and nurture emails, ensuring your interactions with clients and partners are always engaging and relevant.

Expand your global reach with multilingual support

Designed for international business professionals, Grazie supports English, German, Russian, and Ukrainian out of the box. More languages are coming soon!

Eliminate the hassle of proofreading and focus on building strong relationships

Grazie seamlessly integrates with your existing workflow and helps you write with fluency and accuracy, detects errors in real time, and ensures a polished, professional result.

Seal deals faster with AI-driven writing suggestions

Grazie understands your context, analyzes your style, and provides personalized writing suggestions, helping you quickly create clear and concise contracts, reducing negotiation time, and accelerating the sales cycle.

Designed to work everywhere you write:



MS Powerpoint

Google Docs


And more

Our products

Grazie extensions for browsers

Supercharge your writing with real-time proofreading, autocompletion, definitions, and rephrasing features that are integrated directly into your browser.

Grazie Docs

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Write proposals, emails, and contracts with Grazie's integrated proofreading and content generation features designed for business development professionals in high-tech industries.