Grazie Platform

Intelligent natural language assistance anywhere

The Grazie Platform provides spellchecking, grammar correction, natural language completion, and other handy tools for writing and editing text. Integrate these features into your existing products or create an entirely new product leveraging the latest developments in natural language processing.

Grazie Cloud

Process data remotely to get the best results and performance

Grazie Cloud provides APIs for the following models:

Grammatical Error Correction

Detects and suggests fixes for all sorts of grammar mistakes, from simple to very complex.

Local version is available.

Natural Language Completion

Takes the context of what you are writing into account to suggest words and phrases ahead of you.

Local version is available.

Syntax Tree Parsing

Generates a structured representation based on the syntactic dependencies between words and sentences. Such representations can be used for various transformations.


Generates semantically equivalent variations of sentences when you need to use different wording and are out of ideas.


Generates a short version of the text preserving the semantics.

Named Entity Recognition

Finds named entities and classifies them as people, places, organizations, dates, and so on.

Grazie Local

Does not require internet access and processes sensitive data locally

  • Includes a subset of stripped-down Grazie Cloud models: Grammatical Error Correction and Natural Language Completion
  • Performs spellchecking, tokenization, and personalization locally
  • Can run on the JVM or JavaScript


The Grazie team has developed the following products:

Chrome extension

Intelligent writing companion for Chrome.

Not announced to the public, but available in the Chrome Web Store. Only Grazie Cloud processing for users who log in with a JetBrains employee account. Supports only English. Local processing and more languages are on the way.

Grazie Professional

Advanced grammar checks, completion, and transformations for natural language text in IntelliJ-based IDEs.

Based on homegrown language processing models. Not announced to the public, but available in the Marketplace. Grazie Cloud processing is available only when logged in with a JetBrains employee account. Local processing is limited. Supports only English. Other languages are on the way.


The original plugin for IntelliJ-based IDEs that uses LanguageTool instead of the Grazie Platform to detect and correct grammar mistakes.

Comes bundled in IntelliJ IDEA and some other IDEs. Supports 30 languages. Works locally on the user's machine. No remote processing.