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JetBrains Grazie

AI-based writing and communication companion for people in tech

Improve your workflows by integrating generative AI into your browser, JetBrains IDEs, and other tools.

Write with confidence

Grazie automatically checks your grammar, spelling, and punctuation, helping you write with fluency and accuracy.

Whether the material is a code comment, commit message, piece of documentation, or technical blog post, Grazie ensures a professional and well-crafted result.

Boost productivity and spark new ideas with AI chat

Grazie Chat, accessible on any website, streamlines drafting contextual content and generates ideas on the fly.

Extract ideas from text

Grazie’s Summarize feature provides you with concise summaries, allowing you to quickly grasp key points without spending hours reading extensive texts.

Speed up your writing with AI-enhanced autocompletion

Our language models are trained specifically on high-tech industry texts, allowing our tools to understand your context.

Grazie suggests contextually relevant words and phrases, boosting your writing speed.

Refine your message with ease

Our Rephrasing and Change tone features allow you to effortlessly alter your text, ensuring it aligns with your intended message and tone.

Collaborate across borders

Designed for global teams, Grazie natively supports English and German, with more languages coming soon. Our on-the-go Translate feature ensures you stay connected and understood.

Ensure your data's security

We do not use any of your texts for training our language models.

Designed to work everywhere you write

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Other platforms

Our products

Grazie Browser Extension

Get real-time proofreading, autocompletion, summarization, rephrasing, and AI Chat for effective communication right in your browser.

Grazie Plugin for JetBrains IDEs

Supercharge your code reviews, commits, and bug fixes with precise grammar checks, context-aware spelling corrections, and handy phrase completion.