Datalore for Teams

A powerful and secure environment for Jupyter notebooks. Hosted on-premises.

Designed to make data science and data analysis teams workflow more productive

Cut daily setup routine

Create preconfigured environments and connect your existing hardware to help your team start their daily work in seconds.

Gather data in one place

Connect databases, mount S3 buckets, and execute SQL queries from notebooks.

Boost coding productivity

Make writing code faster by using smart coding assistance for Python and Kotlin from PyCharm and Reactive mode from the Datalore kernel.

Enable team collaboration

Let your team operate in a shared environment, edit notebooks together in real-time, and share results in a few clicks.

Build & Share interactive dashboards

Help your team deliver reproducible presentations by transforming notebooks into interactive reports. Forget about spending hours on creating PowerPoint slides.

Coming soon

Need a particular feature or more information?

Contact our product team to discuss your needs. We can organize a demo and answer all your questions.

Datalore is an enterprise-ready solution

Run securely on your own infrastructure

Install Datalore to your Kubernetes cluster or inside your private AWS cloud. Need another installation option? Contact us.

Free trial and rapid support

Get 1 month of free trial and a dedicated support team to answer your questions.

Fast lane of feature delivery

Have a direct influence on the product roadmap and get stable periodical updates. Take a look at our Changelog.

Part of JetBrains family

Datalore is a JetBrains product, developed and properly tested to be reliable and easy to use.