C# for Babies

An illustrated book perfect for teaching your little ones the basics of the C# programming language!

C# for Babies explains C# in a way that even babies can understand. Look at the world with child-like wonder, gain a fresh perspective on a familiar programming language, and get inspired to teach your special someone something new!

About the Book

C# for Babies is a fun and easy way to introduce your family to the world of programming.

A perfect read for all ages

With simple illustrations and easy-to-understand explanations, anyone will be able to learn .NET's C# programming language from A to Z.

Any time is the perfect time to read this book with your family. Why not start with C# for Babies as a bedtime story? After a few nights of reading, you will all be happy to have learned something new together.

Let all of the beautiful images inspire the application of your dreams.

Start your programming adventures

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C# for Babies is a book by Khalid Abuhakmeh and Maarten Balliauw.

Illustrated by Arina Kovrizhkina.

Download the e-book on Leanpub