Docs as code empowered by IntelliJ

Create, test, and build online docs with a new IntelliJ Platform plugin

Product docs, API references, tutorials, developer guides, and how-tos - all inside your favorite JetBrains IDE.

Markdown with semantic markup

Write in Markdown or combine it with our semantic markup. Convert Markdown fragments sent in by external contributors on the fly.

100+ tests for doc quality automation

Not just broken links. Spot missing resources, incorrect attribute values, non-unique IDs. Automate spelling and style guide checks.

Live preview

The preview shows the docs exactly as your readers will see them. You don’t need to run a build and wait until it finishes to check if your updates look good.


Reuse anything, from smaller content chunks to entire topics or even sections of your TOC. Stay flexible with filters and variables. Use predefined templates for complex markup elements or configure your own.

Docs-as-code pipeline

With out-of-the box Git integration, a builder that transforms your sources into a documentation website, a library of carefully designed frontend components, and automated tests that run on any CI/CD tool, you can focus on what matters most – your content.

Natural language assistance

With JetBrains IDEs you can keep your code error-free. We do the same for 25+ natural languages, including English, German, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese. All have an ML-based spellchecker and a grammar error correction tool.

Built by documentarians...
for documentarians

This project developed out of hundreds of customer interviews and 10+ years of working on the IntelliJ Platform documentation. These experiences gave us a long list of features to build and problems to solve. We are here to address them one by one.

Do you want to help?

Use Writerside to build docs like these 👇

Many JetBrains products are already using our documentation platform. And now you can use all our knowledge, experience, and templates to build docs for your own products.


Blogging on the Writers' Side

Read our blog about intelligent writing tools and new ways to write better - or talk to us on Twitter @onwriterside

Are you with us?

We are enthusiastic about docs and we want to create the best tool for people who write them – ideally with your help. Let's connect!

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